Disrupt for the world to be a better place

We are building an ecosystem in which the digital and physical world complement and benefit from each other

Digital World

Our focus in the digital world is to develop, build and manage Web3 projects and respective communities.

These initiatives fund business areas in the physical world.

Physical World

In the physical world, our main focus is on developing and scaling business areas in the field of sustainability and social responsibility.

The success of these business areas, in turn, supports projects in the digital world.

Real progress nowadays doesn’t require innovation, it requires disruption

Blockchain shall become mainstream

We see a great chance that this can be achieved by connecting digital assets with real-life assets and backing them with revenue-generating business models.

Sustainability shall be at the heart of every decision

We are convinced that we need to address the economics if we are to get a critical mass of decision-makers to incorporate sustainability into their day to day business.

Let’s change the rules

We believe that blockchain technology and sustainability must be linked

Blockchain technology allows for new ways of doing things. It can tear down barriers, change structures and offer new solutions.

We want to apply and promote these solutions when it comes to sustainability, one of the most important issues of our time.

To be effective, the link between blockchain technology and sustainability requires a connection between the digital and physical worlds.

Our goal is to make this connection and to show that these two worlds can complement and benefit from each other – in a successful and healthy way.

Our first steps in building the ecosystem

Solar plants for retail investors

As a first step in the physical world, we will build up the business area go4sunergy, a decentralized solar power system with online tradable shares of ownership. A system, of which all partners will benefit.

Meet the team

Stefan Worzalla

Technology & Solutions

Markus Knecht

Development & Strategy

Carole Caldana

Finance & Operations